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  • World Arthroplasty Congress April 19th 2018 ,Rome Italy

        wac2018_preliminaryprogramme_def A great convention on joint replacement of hip and knee which is combination of a few organisations namely ICJR (International Congress Joint Reconstruction) ,EKS (European Knee Society ) and EHS (European Hip Society)in April 19-21st , 2018. Dr Sanjiv Rampal and @Rampalsurgery is excited to be part of the conference and will… Read more

  • Future of robotic knee navigation total knee replacement with Prof Sebastien Lustig ,Lyon School of Knee France

    Partial and total knee replacement is fast becoming the 2nd most common elective orthopaedic surgery in modern clinical practice.This surge of volume surgery in recent time can be attributed to increase in elderly population, good clinical outcomes and increased level of physical activity among elderly(around 10%). Modern orthopaedic has always embraced the use of technology… Read more

  • The Lyon Knee Experience 2017

    The fall of 2017 remains an important phase in Dr Rampal’s fellowship in Subspeciality in joint surgery.The team Lyon at Centr Albert Trillat -Hopital de la Croix-Rousse France who are ISAKOS, ESSKA and FIFA Centre of Excellence centre had been a great host. The ability to host, guide, teach, mould young surgeons that stream thru the doors… Read more

  • Tweeting the Social Media :A Medical Practitioner’s Perspective. Berita MMA pg22-23 Vol 48,January 2018

    Here is another nice article for the new year 2018.The article is for Berita MMA (Malaysia Medical Association) 2018 January edition . It was co authored by Datuk Kuljit Singh and Dr Hardip Singh Gendeh .The article gives a good insight on the future role of medical practitioners in the new age of social media. Read more

  • Ramplsurgery meets Dr Mohamed Ismail from Saudi Arabia Almana General Hospital

    Had the privilege to chat and discuss with Dr Mohamed Ismail Abdelrazek Aly from Almana Hospital Saudi Arabia regarding work that he and his team been pioneering in the field of Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction fixation implant design. The new technique for ACL fixation by using a new implant for tibial fixation which is a… Read more

  • Article on risk in medicine December 2017

    Article on risk in medicine December 2017

    This a recent article in Berita MMA Malaysia Medical Association by the Wilayah branch team that is Datuk Kuljit Singh,Dr Hardip Singh Gendeh and myself in December 2017. Rapid pace of development in medical field demands changes by practioners. The idea of having a low risk profession should be everyone’s agenda. Read more

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