Publication on Prescription perils

This is good article by MMA (Malaysian Medical Association )Wilayah team who consist of Datuk Kuljit Singh, Dr Hardip Singh Gendeh and myself about the challenges faced by medical practitioners in making safe prescriptions.

Many nations with developed health care systems make it mandatory for every doctor to undergo a prescribing course on the ethics of prescribing, classes of drugs, writing a drug card and crossing of a prescription! It is these little differences that create a culture of safe prescribers.
In modern day practice, the need for safe delivery of specific medication cannot be taken lightly. We recommend attention to detail at all levels of delivery, the use of modern technology with affordable software and maintenance of safe working condition would contribute to safer medication delivery.

You can find this article extracts below
Prescription Page 28_Page_1


Hardip Singh,Sanjiv Rampal,Kuljit Singh
Perils of Prescriptions
Berita MMA pg 28-30,Vol 47September 2017


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Prescription Page 28Prescription Page 28
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