Ramplsurgery meets Dr Mohamed Ismail from Saudi Arabia Almana General Hospital

Had the privilege to chat and discuss with Dr Mohamed Ismail Abdelrazek Aly from Almana Hospital Saudi Arabia regarding work that he and his team been pioneering in the field of Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction fixation implant design. The new technique for ACL fixation by using a new implant for tibial fixation which is a metal loop with specific design and angels with resting shoulders over the cortex and adjustable suspensory way of fixation for the femoral side . These progress shows a lot of promise in dealing with the quality of tibial fixation as it is the most weak point of tibial fixation during ACL surgery especially in preventing post operative ACL laxity.

Dr.Mohamed Ismail Abdelrazek Aly

Fellow of School of knee Lyon

Almana General Hospital

Saudi arabia


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