Proceedings of World Arthroplasty Congress 2018

@RampalSurgery looking forward to the World Arthroplasty Congress 2018.
Following are the part of the proceedings

Bone Cuts and Balancing: The Foundation of Success in TKA, moderated by David G. Lewallen, MD, and Michel P. Bonin, MD, will include these presentations:

Mechanical Alignment: The Gold Standard – W. Norman Scott, MD, FACS
Consider the Patient: Constitutional Varus – Johan Bellemans, MD, PhD
Anatomic Alignment: Pearls & Pitfalls of the Surgical Technique – Mark W. Pagnano, MD
Kinematic Alignment: What Does RSA Tell Us? – Michael Dunbar, MD, PhD, FRCSC
Do We Need a Computer to Fine-Tune Gaps Balancing? – Fabio Catani, MD

Soft Tissues, moderated by John J. Callaghan, MD, and Ate B. Wymenga, MD, PhD, will include these presentations:

Gap Balancing Versus Measured Resection: Why I Have Made My Choice – Bryan D. Springer, MD
Lessons Learned from Selective Soft Tissue Balancing – Christopher L. Peters, MD
The Valgus Knee: Master the Challenge – William J. Maloney, MD
Managing Severe Deformities without Constraint – Ashok Rajgopal, MBBS, MS MChOrth, FRCS (Edinburgh)
Constraint in Primary TKA: The New York Experience – Russell E. Windsor, MD, PC


A good taste of what to come.

See you there in Rome April 19th 2018.

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