Hip preservation and arthroscopy with Dr Alessandro Aaprato,CTO (Center for Orthopedic Trauma)Turin Italy

Thank you Mr. Alessandro Aaprato for hosting me at your hip unit which is the premier and high volume hip surgery in Turin Italy.He also practices privately in Clinica Fornaca, Turin.

No doubt that hip preservation surgery, especially in the adolescent and young adults, is developing niche which needs experience and forethought. Preoperative planning, weighing up all different treatment modalities and the cost is a handful especially in modern clinical practice where the pickup rates of these lesions are increasing.These options of hip arthroscopy and hip preservation surgery has developed over last decade to provide a greater spectrum of services when dealing with hip pathologies at these age group.

The role of hip arthroscopy In post total hip replacement is a good and cost-effective method in dealing with selective aetiologies. Iliopsoas irritation and trochanteric bursectomy are good examples of minimally invasive surgery which can be addressed by arthroscopy. These procedures are cost-effective, time-saving and possibly prevent further revisions.

Dr Aaprato presents a very well organized unit which deals with practically all hip arthroscopy cases of Turin and acetabular fracture fixation besides Total hip arthroplasty services.His views regarding newer surgical techniques in hip surgery including cautious approach towards minimal invasive hip surgery are well founded.

Alessandro Aaprato
Consultant Hip Surgeon
Fornaca Clinica
CTO Hospital
C.so Vittorio Emanuele II, 91
10128 – TORINO
Email:ale_aprato@hotmail.com IMG_9362

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