EFORT (European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology)Fellowship With Prof Alessandro Masse Turin Italy

Soo this is another milestone in Dr Rampal’s sub speciality training in the field of  hip surgery.I had the pleasure of being hosted by head of department and one of the most prominent surgeons in Europe .Prof Masse heads a well organised and high volume center of hip preservation surgery.His exprience and philosophy of actually thinking of the end result at first intervention plus the need to look at every case differently.

Prof Masse’s pioneer’s the movement of direct anterior hip approach for total hip arthroplasty with clinical tips andtricks was much appreciated. He believes in using the approach for better ease of approaching the bone plus minimal soft tissue damage which produces earlier patient recovery and better cosmesis.

Prof Masse also does his private practice at Fornaca Hospital Torino where he heads the hip team . Prof Masse has a interest in hip preservation including dealing with hip dysplasia’s in adults, severe osteoarthritis and complex acetabular hip arthrosis.His principles of minimising metal wear and using bone graft is shared by many in the region. He claims that wear and metal allergy in hip arthroplasty would need attention in the region.

Prof Alessandro Masse
SC Orthopedia Traumatology 1U
Corso Bramante,88/90
10126 Torino
Tel: 390116331633

Sede legale in Torino (TO) – Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 91
Prenotazioni: 011.5574.355 | Centralino: 011.5574.111



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