Dr Sanjiv Rampal Orthopaedic consultant Kuala Lumpur moderates webseminar on optimising doctor taxation on international medical app Docquity

Always on the go and still unsure about tax returns? Fret not and join us for the upcoming webinar!

MMA Wilayah Webinar Series 5: Money Matters: Optimising Doctor’s Taxation.
Speaker: Mr Bhupinder Singh, independent Tax Advisor, B Singh Tax Advisory Sdn Bhd

1) Dr Hardip Singh Gendeh, Lecturer and Specialist ENT Surgeon, UKM Medical Center
2) Dr Sanjiv Rampal, Lecturer and Consultant Orthopedics Surgeon, UPM Medical Center

Day/date: Friday 13th January 2023
Time: 1300 hours to 1430 hours
CPD points: 1 (pending approval)
Platform: Live via Docquity and MMA Facebook

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