The rise Osteoarthritis detection in Malaysia population

Source: The rise Osteoarthritis detection in Malaysia population 

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  1. […] The rise Osteoarthritis detection in Malaysia population The severity of knee pain is often variable and depends on a variety of factors.(1) It often develops slowly and worsens in intensity over time. Acute exacerbation of pain due to micro trauma, acute minor falls and flaring of arthritis is not uncommon. The intensity and force of injury do not necessarily correlate with intensity of pain felt by individuals. A minor twisting of the knee while in sitting position or minor fall due to the instability of gait may present with the same amount of joint swelling and pain. The cause of knee pain is usually the injury and wear tear of the cartilage layer in the knee. In acute injury of cartilage layer of the knee, the extent of injury would depend on size and extent of an injury. This degeneration is often irreversible and may be limited by types of cartilage repair especially in young healthy adults. Nevertheless, the damage seen in elderly are usually irreversible and often effectively treated with acutely with pain alleviations technics which often include the use of safe pain killers, physiotherapy and rest. The cartilage layer is illustrated below in diagram.It is thin layer of cartilage which is outlined in red in the diagram […]


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