Managing Muscle Pain and Soreness After Physical Activity Talk delivered by Dr Sanjiv Rampal Orthopaedic Consultant Kuala Lumpur on International Medical App Docquity

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25th August 2022


If you’ve ever ran a longer distance in the gym than you planned or carried a child around the Zoo, chances are you’ve experienced post-workout muscle soreness. Muscle soreness is a common consequence of overworking your body.

Muscles grow and become stronger when they’re subjected to forces that cause microscopic tears in the muscle fibres. Fluid rushes to the area to flush out the damaged cells and build new, stronger muscle cells—and that can be uncomfortable.

Managing these patients are generally conservative and would benefit from update of clinical practice.

Join Dr Sanjiv Rampal Orthopaedic Consultant Kuala Lumpur for a short update on treatment options and current recommendations on treatment at primary health care level.

1 MMA CPD point will be given at end of the CPD .

Only for medical practitioner and health care providers.

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