Malaysia Medical Association Wilayah Branch Dr Sanjiv Rampal serves as Committee Member for the first meeting of 2023

Malaysia medical association is the premier medical association in the country and has always been the Center of activities for doctors. Dr Rampal of continues to serve the association in the branch Exco for the year 2023.

Below of some of the pictures of the MMA Wilayah Branch Exco team for 2022-2023.

Mma Wilayah committee 2022-2023.Drom L-R – Dr eratha, Mdm Majmin,Prof Victor, Dr Kol Malar, Sanjiv , Dr Ravi ,Dr Hardip,Dr Selvarajah,Dr Jeevan,Dr Saravanan,Dr Vani,Dr Bala and staff Mr.Johny
Dr Sanjiv with govt related Exco members,L-R Dr Sanjiv ,Dr Kol Malar,Dr Ravi (Chairman),Prof Victor,Dr Hardip
Private-sector MMA Wilayah branch members

Dr Rampal has continued to serve the Malaysia Medical Association since the start of service in 2004 on numerous levels and believes in the integration of doctors of multiple specialities is able to improve overall quality health care and improve medical fraternity achievement for the Malaysian public.

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