Top 5 mistakes made by patients after total knee replacement- Patient Guide after Total Knee Replacement by Dr Sanjiv Rampal Orthopaedic Knee Surgeon Kuala Lumpur

So you had a total knee replacement of late. For most people, knee replacement provides pain relief, improved mobility, and improved quality of life. Three to six weeks after surgery, you generally can resume most daily activities, such as shopping and brisk walking.

These are the top 5 mistakes made by patients after a total knee replacement should be avoided.

Top 5 Mistakes After Total Knee Replacement BY DR SANJIV RAMPAL MBBS MS ORTHO

Top 5 Mistakes After Total Knee Replacement by Dr Sanjiv Rampal MBBS Ms Ortho

Not taking enough Pain Medication due to fear or stigma
In Asia clinical set-up, patients often do not consume medications prescribed due to fear of complications, addiction and stigmata. Pain after surgery is usually mild pain that would benefit from regular pain medications.

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Not doing enough physiotherapy or rehab before surgery (Prehab).

Pre-operation physiotherapy and quadriceps strengthening are often neglected due to logistical, economic or inaccessibility to medical facilities. This is the single most common mistake made by our patients. Physiotherapy and muscle strengthening have a direct correlation on how successful the operation can benefit the patient in the long term.
It is advisable to individualise the pre-operation physiotherapy to each patient’s needs would require at least 6 weeks of pre-operative physiotherapy sessions. Emphasize on improve the level of flexion of the knee and immediate post-operative exercises

Not planning enough for post-discharge recovery.

Patients often fail to make plans or preparations of after hospital care especially home modification and hygiene maintenance.
The main modifications that need to be considered is place of recovery, access to physiotherapy, How to maintain hygiene without wetting the dressing and sleeping modifications.

Doing and attempting too much physical activity too soon after recovery .
We often also get patients especially in the younger age group of 50s years of age who often not plan their levels of recovery activities.Activities like gardening, handling heavy machinery,carrying heavy objects and resuming running and contact sports should be discharge in the first 6 weeks of recovery.

Going back to recreational activities too soon after surgery.

Patients especially in the younger and more active group often resume activities of leisure way more earlier than recommended. Post total knee replacement, physical sports especially contact sports like futsal and badminton are highly discouraged . This is to make sure muscle and tissue recovery to it’s optimum before resuming activities of leisure. Contact sports like soccer and basketball are not encouraged at all.

For further information on do’s and don’t when total Knee replacement operation is done please feel free to contact us for further details on numerous social media outlets like Facebook,Instagram,Whatsapp +01123067957 or Twitter.

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