Dr.Sanjiv Rampal hosts MMA (Malaysia Medical Association)Webseminar on International medical app Docquity 21stFeb 2023

Dr Sanjiv Rampal of rampalsurgery.com serves as moderator and host of MMA Web seminar series for general practitioners and family medicine doctors on international medical app 2023.

MMA Wilayah Webinar Series 6: VIRTUAL SCALPEL: The role of Gamma Knife in head tumours

Radiostatic surgery has opened up an avenue for single and multiple central cranial nerve lesions. Join us for the webinar and learn more about the indications of radiostatic surgery.

Speaker: Associate Prof Dr Ramesh Kumar, Lecturer and Consultant Neurosurgeon, UKM Medical Center

1) Dr Hardip Singh Gendeh, Lecturer and Specialist ENT Surgeon, UKM Medical Center
2) Dr Sanjiv Rampal, Lecturer and Consultant Orthopedics Surgeon, UPM Medical Center

Tuesday: 21st February 2022
Time: 1300 hours to 1430 hours
CPD points: 1 (pending approval)
Platform: Live via Docquity

Unsure how to join docquity? Kindly follow the simple steps in the attached pdf file

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